Trinity School at Meadow View

At Trinity School, your child will experience a culture of learning designed to awaken a sense of wonder about the world. Curiosity, exploration, discussion, and collaboration are hallmarks of the Trinity School education.

Our consistent focus on the pursuit of truth, the practice of goodness, and the creation of beauty makes for an unparalleled education in which your child will truly come alive.

  • A structured environment
  • Small class sizes
  • Single-sex classrooms
  • 12:1 student to teacher ratio

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Trinity School closely approximates the ideal in education. It is an extraordinary school.
- Mortimer Adler, University of Chicago, author of How to Read a Book and The Paideia Proposal

Truth, Goodness, Beauty

Everyone ought to have the opportunity to respond to beauty and to create beauty themselves. Therefore, at Trinity School, each student learns to draw, paint, act, sing, and play a musical instrument as a part of the regular curriculum.

Sports, clubs and other extracurricular options offer an opportunity to build teamwork in the pursuit of excellence. Trinity School currently offers fourteen varsity sports, several competitive teams and a variety of student clubs. Any child who wishes to participate will have the opportunity regardless of ability.

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Creative thinking is absolutely necessary to become a successful scientist. Several college classmates of mine attended top-notch science and technology high schools where they clearly had developed solid laboratory skills, yet they did not demonstrate an ability to think creatively. The well-rounded education offered at Trinity School gave me the tools I needed to be a creative thinker.
Dr. Annalisa Powlasky
Dr. Annalisa Powlasky
Alumna ('02) Fellow at Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars Program
Three weeks into the summer, [the intern director] asked me where I found these two kids. He couldn't believe how good they were. They were tops in our intern class. They asked good questions, showed initiative, had great research skills and solid writing skills.
Michael Ortner
Michael Ortner
Founder and CEO of Capterra, on a senior and sophomore hired as summer interns. In 2014 Capterra employed a record 10 interns from Trinity
Of all the students I have encountered in my years as a professor and dean at Brown University and the University of Notre Dame, Trinity School graduates stand out as remarkably prepared for the rigor of the STEM disciplines. They are equipped with the creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills that position them for leadership in a rapidly-changing world.
Dr. Greg Crawford
Dr. Greg Crawford
Dean of the College of Science at Notre Dame